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    Evar After
In The Act of Seeking

The debut EP of Debut EP by Evar After. Three songs tell three different stories, with a bit of dancefloor to help you two step the night away.

Words from Evar After:

To my lovely parents, family and friends, and strangers in passing…
I hope for this project to become a part of you, as it is deeply a part of me. Where you hear drums, I hear memories. Where you hear bells, I hear my thoughts. My emotions reside in the melodies my voice chose to carry, and the curiosity I have for the world is written within the questions I persist to ask myself. I would like to thank Cody “Coflo” Ferreira for not only producing the music that inspired this project, but for being a mentor to me in my journey in music and life. He taught me to be gentle in the process, yet constructive of my artistic development. It was his confidence in my musical abilities, and leadership as a fellow artist that encouraged me to strive for more in my career. So without further ado, I am pleased to present “In the Act of Seeking.”