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A Warrior's Dance (For Mestre Rã)

This song and original artwork was made in an effort to help raise funds for one of Coflo’s Capoeira Mestres, Mestre Rã. He is in need of a procedure for a prolonged ailment of his back. All proceeds from the purchase / stream of this song will go directly to him for help with his procedure and any other contributing medical expenses. Mestra Rã is a part of a long standing Capoeira tradition and culture, he has devoted his life to the art and as a result is responsible for contributing to many positive parts of many people’s lives. Much of Coflo’s love for music and dance stems from this beautiful African-Brazilian art; Capoeira. As a practitioner himself, he is in full support of the beauty and the people spreading the positivity in the art form like Mestre Rã.

A Warrior’s Dance is a song written about the dance between the two warriors Oya and Ogun. Both powerful Orisha warriors approach their dance different in this story. Oya, wind – storm – lightening, enters the dance with power and beauty as she moves through the music like winds through the forest. Ogun interrupts her flow with his rhythmic metal work as he crafts a percussive story with his footwork. Oya answers his footwork with her own powerful and explosive movement. Showing how big and powerful she can be within her dance. The two converse, trading move for move, while simultaneously becoming one beautiful synchronized piece of choreography.

This entire show takes place in the rain forest amongst the frogs and the birds, as they watch the display of power collide with beauty in this warrior’s dance.

Written, Mixed and Mastered by Coflo
Original artwork by Tsunami Originals