Joel Albanez.
Leo Malaya


The Aloe Eye.

Here we go…. Painter, Bboy, MC, Musician, Entrepreneur and Tattoo-er Leo Malaya aka Joel Albanez – brings music to life with words of vivid complexity detailing: thoughts, explanations of the past and dance floor connectedness.  A true Soulshifter Leo Malaya has walked the globe in exploration of tradition; immersing himself into ancient respected cultures and art forms.  His music, much like his dance and visual art, has a constant flow that follows the shapes and contours of each rhythm delivered to him.  His craft is lives permanently on hundreds of blessed people throughout the globe.  You can see massive marking from this man in Hawaii, Seattle and the Bay Area.  Known recently for his musical projects with Catch The Ghost’s own Gyrefunk – catch Leo Malaya’s words of soulfulness in original releases here on Catch The Ghost.