Brotha Vince.



GYREFUNK is a San Francisco bay area based musician/artist/producer specializing in all things funky. GYREFUNK plays almost any instrument you could need recorded on a track including but not limited to: guitar, bass, piano, drums, and percussion. His talents have allowed him to travel the globe over the past ten years recording and performing with a various array of artists from Asia to Africa, from young budding street musicians to Grammy award winning superstars and producers.  In addition to music, GYRE (as his friends call him) also has a background in fine art, graphic design, and urban graffiti arts.

The VINCETRUMENT, a bass/guitar/synth/drum machine hybrid is currently being constructed in collaboration with Mitch Manchild (LookWright) for GYRE’s solo show which he performs creating full live production, on the fly using a looping pedal and audience participation.

Together with bassist/producer Billy Bonez, Teeko, Max Kane, Mikki Boyd, Coultrain, and Dame the Drummer, GYRE is part of a well respected funk collective known as MUGPUSH. Each have their own unique background. The combination of Dame and Bonez’s grimy raw funk brewed in the streets of Cleveland with the refined jazz schooling of Mikki Boyd, Coultrain’s melodic poetry, and some of the most creative uses of synthesizers and the most innovative displays of turntabturntablism from TEEKO and Max Kane make MUGPUSH a future funk force to be reckoned with! MUGPUSH’s debut album “All U.S…” as well as TEEKO’s album “Light Up The Darkness” are both available online and in stores.

GYREFUNK current collaborations with Catch The Ghost artist Leo Malaya bring that Soulshiftin’ sound, which you can find here on Catch the Ghost.

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