Emily Alvarez

Evar After

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A  journey through truth and fantasy.

Evar After invites you on a journey through truth and fantasy. At first, this journey takes an auditory form, looking to lead you towards sonic exploration; dissonance, and resolution. The ultimate goal of Evar After is to evoke a thought, to create an opening for sensory responses and experiences to occur…This means: You are free to listen, to move, to dance, to see, to feel, to unravel, to connect, to embrace a fleeting moment in time. Don’t be afraid, for you are not alone.

A poem by Emily Alvarez AKA Evar After:
“The days of our youth, colored outside the lines.
They were vibrant, naive to the blacks and the whites,
Insisting that flight was existing in,
Every moment that passed on the back of the sun.

Only in archives of far ripened memories,
Do we hear the innocent whispers,
And remember our bright eyes that gleamed in the mirrors,
Those dreams that surprised our peers and our teachers…

When I grow up sir, I want to be heard.

Young darling, just wait, you will live happily,
Didn’t they teach you the gists of infinity?
In the time that we built, and the time I declare,
You’ll find the love that’s just perfect, my dear.

Flash to now.
Imagi-notion, thinking?
Take your potion for that.
Are you worrying again?
Stop isn’t working.

Turning, the world keeps turning.
Where is your love now? A warm body sits lonely.
Innocence walked out two seconds ago.
Don’t try to call, and don’t try to know.

Consider your soul.

When you scowl, do you wonder?
Where should I be?
Is this truly the world that I wish to see?
For that is the world that will someday be…

If you had the chance to rewrite the rules,
How would you chose?

What is your ever after?”