The Soulshifter.


Viva meu Mestres.

Dance philosopher and respected movement artist.  Coflo is a lifelong student of the dance arts, devoted to the study, thoughts, theories and histories of dance.  His respect extends to all of those that came before him and with great humility does his best to recreate the great lessons, thoughts and styles of the past.

“Creating something that is entirely new is all to difficult when we can probably benefit a lot more from respect the past.

Within his studies of dance he has come to study more and more about music.  Exploring everything from his taste pallet in music to the creation of it. As the founder of Catch The Ghost, he hopes to expose more people to the music that is near and dear to his heart.

My friends, family and crew make some of the dopest music and that is only one facet of their artistry.  A true Soulshifter isn’t a one trick pony, nor are they just an artist emerged in music, dance, paint, tattoo or other.  A Soulshifter is truly creative because that is there life blood.  Sure… I can barley write my own name legible enough for someone to know what it says, but hey… when I get together with the family and they are painting walls with incredible works for art during BBQ’s or gatherings; it certainly doesn’t stop me from throwing on a fat cap and making a fool out of my self.  They are creating, I am inspired, so I throw down.  Yea usually I’m the joke of the session, but I am a Soulshifter… I live to create…I’ve never been naturally good at anything, you gotta work towards communicating what your soul is telling you is inside.

My feet sing a story of all those who come before me.  Peace, love and light to Soulshifters and Circle of Fire…” – Coflo

Catch Coflo on our podcast Straight Ghostin’ and look out for original releases, remixes and other fancy schmancy projects on Catch the Ghost.


Can you feel my heartbeat?